A Review System so Advanced, it Actually Works! Get More Google Reviews Starting This Week!  

"A Brand is no Longer What We Tell the Consumer it is - it is what the Consumers Tell Each Other it is." - Scott Cook

Your Review System Is Waiting for You! Look at Everything it Will do For Your Business! 

 "Your Brand is What People Say About Your Company When You Aren't in the Room" - Jeff Bezos 

Why Google Reviews? Because Google is Where The Consumer Looks First! 

84% of Consumers Check Google Reviews FIRST, Before Selecting a Business. It's That Simple!  

Hi, I'm Michael Belba with Crazy Monkey Media. 

Crazy Monkey Media is a leader in the Reputation Marketing and Reputation Management segment of our industry. We have been pushing reviews and reputation management for 7 years to our clients. We have in that time frame, tried 3 different review and reputation management platforms. 

The problem with all we have used in the past was actually getting the review public on Google. We could get numerous reviews, but people would not take the necessary steps to make it public on Google. There are many systems out there that make fantastic claims but do not work. You may be using a system similar to these. Does your review system post to a third party website (like Demand Force or Health Grades). These are called Closed Loop Systems, and the reviews are never found or looked at by the consumer. 

Google is the ONLY place that matters because that is where every prospective customer, client or patient looks FIRST. The others don't matter, not in the overall scheme of things. People do not go to Facebook to specifically look at reviews. For a restaurant people may look on Yelp, but that's about it.

The name of the review game is getting your reviews (and your star rating) on Google. That is who the consumer trusts, and that is where they go to check out what the public is saying about your business. It does not matter whether they see your ad in the yellow pages, the newspaper, television or hear it on the radio. They remember the name of your business, and Google you .. that's how it works, and that is why you need a Reputation marketing and Review system that gets your reviews on Google. 

It's still a "Word of Mouth" game, but it moves at lightening speed now, and you need a consistant and constant flow of reviews for your business on Google - period. 

"Your Brand Name is Only as Good as Your Reputation" - Richard Branson

Are You Ready to Implement and Deploy the Most Lethal Review and Reputation Marketing System Ever Developed? Who is This Offer For, What Businesses Qualify?  

Qualifying Businesses

  • You must have a "Brick and Mortar" Business.
  • You must have a GMB account.
  • No MLM's, Direct Sales Organizations, or "Self Employed" designated businesses.
  • Perfect for Dentist, Doctors, Cosmetic Surgeons, Chiropractors and others in the Entrepreneurial Health space.
  • Perfect for Attorneys regardless of specialty.
  • Perfect for the Home Service Pro niches. Home Inspectors, Pest Inspectors, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, etc. 
  • Perfect for virtually all Brick and Mortar businesses. Auto Mechanic, Roofer, Restaurants, etc. 
  • Obviously, to get reviews, you must have a continuing stream of customers, clients or patients. So if you are a brand new business, you may not be ready for this yet.

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Here's how easy it is to get started.  

It takes about 15 minutes for us to gather your information via a phone call. Then we will set up your review system.  

You will provide us a customer, client or patient list with email addresses and cell phone numbers, we upload them for you, and over the next 5 days the magic happens. It really is that simple. No committment or credit card is required for you to experience this. At the end of your Free Trial, you can choose to continue using our system, or we can part ways as friends. It really is that simple!  

Are you ready to experience the power of Google reviews and what they can do for your business? Just call the number below, or book a meeting with me on my calendar, and leave the rest to us. Contact us today!  

About Crazy Monkey Media

Crazy Monkey Media is a full service digital marketing agency based in Kennewick, WA. We serve clients throughout the Tri-cities area, as well as nationwide in cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York to name a few.

Crazy Monkey Media distinguishes themselves by offering our client base the most advanced services available in the rapidly changing internet environment. We are a cutting edge technology company providing the latest in tools and/or software as a service (SAAS). 

Crazy Monkey Media was honored this year by being selected as a Best of 2017 Marketing Agency award from Marketing Digest, the premier online Internet Marketing publication. Crazy Monkey Media is 1 of only 11 agencies to receive this award nationwide. You can read about it here. 

Additionally, Crazy Monkey Media has just been notified Marketing Digest wil be honoring us with a Best of 2018 award - the formal announcement is coming in March.

Crazy Monkey Media is also a member of LIMA, the Local Internet Marketers Association. Just as Dentists, Doctors, and other professionals have associations that set standards and ethics for their members, thus it is with LIMA. With a published set of standards and ethics for local marketing, LIMA leads the way in educating and developing standards for local marketers.

In 2017, Michael Belba, CEO of Crazy Monkey Media, was selected as a Certified Advisory Board Member of LIMA. This is a tremendous honor that recognizes Michael and Crazy Monkey Media as setting an ethical standard in our industry. Michael has been involved in online marketing for business for over 20 years, and has been recognized for his involvement as a leader in the industry. 

Need help with you marketing? Give us a call anytime, we would love to consult with you on your marketing strategy and your marketing needs. Call: (509) 578-1612 or book an initial meeting today.