Are You the Typical Business?  


Are you the typical business with the typical Facebook Business Page? In looking at statistics, I will assume you are. And I mean no offense by that, because you are not alone. What do I mean by "typical"?  

  • There are approximately 65 million business pages that have been created. Of those, over 90% are basically dead, with no activity.
  • A typical business may do 1 post per week, or even less.
  • A typical business has no engagement, and no raving fans.
  • A typical business doesn't have time for social media.
  • A typical business hands off Facebook to an employee, or even worse, one of their teenagers.
  • A typical business has no idea how to take advantage of what Facebook can offer them.  
  • A typical business is enjoying no growth in fans, customers, or leads.  

Is this you? Is this your Business I've just described? How is Facebook and Social Media in general working for your business?

Let Us Help You Change Your Situation, Beginning Today! Here is What You Will See With Your FREE Facebook Makeover  

Here is What We Do For Your Free Facebook Makeover

Optimize Your Facebook Business Page 

  • About Section 
  • Address, Phone #  
  • Email Address
  • Enable Check-in 
  • Ensure your Category is correct  
  • Username (if not already set) 
  • Hours of Operation  
  • Business Info (price range, start date) 
  • Additional Online Social Platforms
  • Tell your “Story”
  • Milestones
  • Add “Call-To-Action”  


Your FREE Makeover Includes:

  • New (mobile responsive) Cover Photo
  • 1 Facebook Event 
  • Check-in Sign & Manage Check-ins
  • 1 Facebook Offer  
  • Engagement on Reviews 
  • Engagement on Check-ins
  • Engagement on Posts  
  • Engagement on Shares 
  • Engagement on Mentions
  • Engagement on Offers  
  • Engagement on Events
  •  4 Custom Posts
  • Complete report showing your results 

Call Crazy Monkey Media and Get Your FREE Facebook Makeover/Takeover Started Today! 

No Commitment, No Credit Card Required. Just Turn Our Team Loose on Your Page, You'll Be Glad You Did!

About Crazy Monkey Media

Crazy Monkey Media is a full service digital marketing agency based in Kennewick, WA. We serve clients throughout the Tri-cities area, as well as nationwide in cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York to name a few.

Crazy Monkey Media distinguishes themselves by offering our client base the most advanced services available in the rapidly changing internet environment. We are a cutting edge technology company providing the latest in tools and/or software as a service (SAAS). 

Crazy Monkey Media was honored this year by being selected as a Best of 2017 Marketing Agency award from Marketing Digest, the premier online Internet Marketing publication. Crazy Monkey Media is 1 of only 11 agencies to receive this award nationwide. You can read about it here. 

Additionally, Crazy Monkey Media has just been notified we will be receiving Marketing Digest's Best of 2018 Award also - the formal announcement is coming in March.

Crazy Monkey Media is also a member of LIMA, the Local Internet Marketers Association. Just as Dentists, Doctors, and other professionals have associations that set standards and ethics for their members, thus it is with LIMA. With a published set of standards and ethics for local marketing, LIMA leads the way in educating and developing standards for local marketers.

In 2017, Michael Belba, CEO of Crazy Monkey Media, was selected as a Certified Advisory Board Member of LIMA. This is a tremendous honor that recognizes Michael and Crazy Monkey Media as setting an ethical standard in our industry. Michael has been involved in online marketing for business for over 20 years, and has been recognized for his involvement as a leader in the industry. 

Need help with you marketing? Give us a call anytime, we would love to consult with you on your marketing strategy and your marketing needs. Call: (509) 578-1612 or book an initial meeting today.